About the Forum

The theme of the 2013-14 Notre Dame Forum is Women in Leadership. Over the course of the academic year, there were a number of Forum events designed to spotlight the extraordinary contributions and achievements of women across a range of fields, creating opportunities for the Notre Dame community to learn about these fields from the personal accounts of women who have risen to the top of their professions. In doing so, we hoped to also foster campus dialogue about the barriers and benefits to women’s advancement in this nation and globally, and to encourage reflection on principles of justice and equality, values essential to society’s flourishing.

Established by University President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., in 2005, the Notre Dame Forum has featured major talks by leading authorities on complex issues related to immigration, sustainability, global health, the global marketplace, K-12 education, and the role of faith in a pluralistic society. 

This year’s Forum on Women in Leadership continues the tradition of stimulating our campus to think deeply about substantive issues affecting our world and challenges everyone on campus to effect positive change.